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An Embodied Theology: the Contributions of “Teología India”

AAR Presentation

An Embodied Theology: The Contributions of “Teologia India”


Although the concept “Theology” in a strict and ortodox sense has to be reframed when speaking of the full range of actions and reflections done in the dioceses of Chiapas for the last 40 years, it has been kept as a reference and as a means of signaling-somewhat paradoxically- that what is conventionally considered theology (as abstract rational reflection on faith), has its equivalent in what I call an “embodied” theology/faith and pastoral project in the south east state of Chiapas. Lee el resto de esta entrada »


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The Contemporary Field of Religious Studies in Latin America

Plenary Presentation AAR 2009

The Contemporary Field of Religious Studies in Latin America


As a Religious Studies Scholar from Mexico/Latin America, I have taught, researched and published on issues important to my part of the world.

In permanent interaction with the scholarship produced in the “North” but with methodological and theoretical priorities proper to the part of then world I am part of,  I have come to develop- in conjunction with colleagues from  the same  Latin American background- some particular perspectives that are crucial to our region’s scholarship. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

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