An Embodied Theology: the Contributions of “Teología India”

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An Embodied Theology: The Contributions of “Teologia India”


Although the concept “Theology” in a strict and ortodox sense has to be reframed when speaking of the full range of actions and reflections done in the dioceses of Chiapas for the last 40 years, it has been kept as a reference and as a means of signaling-somewhat paradoxically- that what is conventionally considered theology (as abstract rational reflection on faith), has its equivalent in what I call an “embodied” theology/faith and pastoral project in the south east state of Chiapas.

The pastoral of the dioceses and the myriad ways in which this develops in physical “real” actions/reflections makes it very difficult to “pour” ( as a fluid processual practice) into a few reflections here today from my social scientist point of view.

I was yesterday there and I will be back tomorrow. My reflections and analysis here spring from a direct and constant contact. This could be both a priviledged position as well as a weak one. Being part of the process means exactly this. So taking into consideration my “outsider” point of view as a lay social scientist, fluidly interacting with my “insider” one as a committed participant through the CIDECI/ Universidad de la Tierra (and with a Zapatista conviction) I will signal here a couple of points regarding that innovative, ever developping,

ever transforming experience of Teologia India in the State of  Chiapas, south east of Mexico. I will now synthesize here only some points.






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