Conferencia at the Institute for Social Studies, ISS, La Haya, Holanda

Conferencia at the  Institute for Social Studies, ISS, La Haya, Holanda
Monday 3 June

‘Indigenous Cosmologies on Sexualities’

Dr Sylvia Marcos (Center for Psycho-ethnological Research in Cuernavaca, Mexico):


Dr Sylvia Marcos’s talk will look at different cultural approaches to sexualities  ‘translating’ the diverse meanings of embodiment and sexualities emerging from collective practices of indigenous peoples in the Americas. She will  propose these meanings as alternative to concepts of “development” both in its mainstream and critical approaches. From a decolonial perspective, she will demonstrate how indigenous knowledges on bodies/ sexualities need to be understood from diverse “epistemic” positions, pointing to the possibilities  for future ‘intercultural’ conversations. 

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