Founding Member Meeting, Atlanta, November 20, 2015


April 28,2015

Feminist Studies in Religion

45 Francis Ave

Cambridge, MA 02138


Dear Sylvia,

Having just celebrated the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion’s 30th anniversary in print,  FSR has decided to embark on another critically important project for promoting the work of feminist studies in religion and securing its financial-organizational base. Since you have already contributed much to this work, we want to  invite you to become a founding member of the Feminist Studies in Religion Forum (FSRF) and we hope that you will join in this new undertaking!


Since 1985, JFSR and, more recently, EFSR have provided space for scholars/activists/practitioners to publish and engage womanist, Latina, postcolonial, LGBT, differently-abled, international and transnational work in an inter- and  trans-religions theoretical and practical feminist framework.  To date, no such organization exists in the United States that cultivates and provides space for the continued flourishing of intersectional, inter- and trans-religions, intercultural, and transnational feminist studies in religion. In order to provide such an urgently-needed organization, we seek to inaugurate the Feminist Studies in Religion Forum as a transnational, cross-disciplinary feminist network and place for new and seasoned feminist scholars, activists, and religious practitioners.


As a founding member, you will be an active participant in envisioning and pioneering future work in feminist studies in religion! We  hope to  create an  interactive website for FSRF, to develop a peer reviewed book series where members can publish their work, and to plan an inaugural conference with discounted rates for members. We also hope to sponsor  biannual conferences in the future.  One of our major goals is to create a space for intersectional feminist engagement outside of the pressures of the major professional organizations to which many of us belong and which so often sideline and coopt our work. We will continue to add critical resources and welcome your active involvement as this initiative unfolds. We very much  look forward to your participation!


We hope you will participate  in this new venture and express our heartfelt  thanks  for your support.


With all good wishes,


Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Feminist Studies in Religion, Inc.

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