JFSR International Board

JFSR International Board


​​Dear Members of the International Editorial Board of the JFSR,


We wanted to reach out to you with the exciting news that one of your colleagues, Dr. Sylvia Marcos, has successfully coordinated the publication of a first-ever bi-lingual Roundtable in the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion!  The topic is feminist theology in the contemporary Mexican political context.  We are so delighted with the results of her tireless efforts to make this happen.


Follow the link to the Roundtable in our newest issue: http://www.fsrinc.org/journal/volume-34-number-2/


We ask you to network with scholars in your area of expertise and interest so as to produce a Roundtable on a topic dear to you.  We are happy to work with you to coordinate such an undertaking.  We know that you cannot travel to our annual editorial board meetings, thus we regard your contributiono to the work of the JFSR to consist in soliciting materials for publication.  You well know the importance of bringing a range of voices into the academic and activist conversations.


Here is more information on the structure of Roundtables:

Roundtables: Dialogues and debates among different feminist voices engage controversial or methodological issues​.  the lead piece is usually about 4K words in length and the responses (4 or more)are about 2K words each.


Please let us know how we can get you started on your project!

With gratitude and best wishes,

Elizaabeth Pritchard, Co-Editor, Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion

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